Our Oakland Hills, California neighborhood is located above 580, off of Keller Avenue, directly below Skyline Blvd. Our active neighborhood community enjoys breathtaking views of the Bay, San Francisco Skyline, the Bay Bridge, and on good days, the Golden Gate Bridge!

In 1971, after Keller Avenue was extended up into the hills, Brown and Kauffmann completed the sale of the last of 264 lots in our neighborhood. At that point, control of the Sequoyah Hills Homeowners Association passed from the developers to us, the residents. We plan to take good care of our beautiful plateau in the hills for many years to come!


A Short Illustrated History of Sequoyah Hills

John Herrero recounts the varied history of our area over the course of the 20th century.

The Streets of Sequoyah Hills

You have to name streets something…but how many of us actually know what a phaeton is? If hansoms are only vaguely familiar from old Sherlock Holmes, then find out the whole story from John Herrero.

The Lost Eichlers of the Oakland Hills

Although Sequoyah Hills began its life as an Eichler development, only 48 Eichler homes were built here. This relatively small number has earned our area the “lost Eichlers of the Oakland hills” nickname.

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