The committee chairs are appointed at will by the SHHA Board of Directors.

Committee Chair
Environmental Dale Davis
Safety John Nichols
Social Kimberley Ng, Carli Kyles
Communications Dale Davis
Oak Knoll Coalition Robert Clark

Environmental Committee

Mission: The Environmental Committee is charged with preservation and enhancement of the nature, the character, and the value of properties within the Sequoyah Hills Homeowners Association. The Committee reviews applications for changes to properties, resolves conflicts between members, and conducts DPR compliance reviews. We operate in the open. Rules are applied fairly and consistently by competent, caring, honest, volunteer individuals.

Members: Dale Davis (chair), Lolita Morelli, Bobbie Morris, Noel Weidkamp

Meeting Frequency/How to Join: Our meetings are held on Tuesdays every other month; to find out more, contact us or leave a voice mail at 877.922.7111.

Safety Committee

Mission: The purpose of the SHHA Safety Committee is to act as a resource by assisting the SHHA Community in improving public safety (Personal & Property, Emergency Preparedness, Home Alert Programs), and enhance their ability to utilize these public services. The Safety Committee has the same procedures as the Environmental Committee for contacting and encouraging homeowners to comply with our DPRs.

Members: John Nichols (chair), Jeff Morelli, Rodrigo von Conta, Tella Williams

Meeting Frequency/How to Join: Safety Committee meeting are held on the second Wednesday of every other month. To become a member or find out more, contact us or leave a voice mail at 877.922.7111.

Social Committee

Mission: The Social Committee is charged with the task of promoting the feeling of “community” within the area. The events we have had over the years are planned around and for YOU, the homeowner, to get face-to-face with your neighbors immediately around you as well as those on other streets, who may share similar interests.

Members: Kimberley Ng & Carli Kyles (co-chairs), Barbara Cardoza, Chris Quan, Ethel Haskins, John Nichols, Judy He, Sandi Bethune

Meeting Frequency/How to Join: We generally meet 3-4 times per year depending on the events. New members with ideas are always welcome. Our next event will be the annual meeting in September. If you are interested please contact us or leave a voice mail at 877.922.7111.


Mission: The Communications Committee oversees the publication of the Sequoyah Hills Homeowners Quarterly Newsletter and the design, updating, and presentation of the Website. Our goal is to provide interesting and accurate information on what is happening in our neighborhood and the larger community in which we live.

Members: Dale Davis (chair), Barbara Cardoza

The committee is always looking for new members to help solicit articles, develop content and generate new ideas for keeping our Association members up-to-date and well informed.

Meeting Frequency/How to Join: Communications Committee meetings are held on an as-needed basis. To become a member or find out more contact us or leave a voice mail at 877.922.7111.

Oak Knoll Coalition

Mission: The Oak Knoll Coalition works to generate citywide support for creating long-term public benefits at the Oak Knoll site. The organization was part of the early base closure process and helped formulated the final reuse plans, which all include generous open space, creek preservation, active recreation areas, and preservation of Club Knoll and support the inclusion of a public library and senior center on the base.

The Oak Knoll Coalition is made up of residents of neighborhood associations surrounding the closed Oak Knoll Navy Hospital in Oakland, California. We formed the Oak Knoll Coalition to communicate about redevelopment at the site.

Members: Robert Clark (chair), Rodrigo von Conta


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