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Folsom Lake, Fall 2014

As we all know, California is sitting in a precarious position with the continued severe drought.    Below please find several helpful links to brochures and programs to help you get the most out of your garden during the drought and plan for a more drought tolerant and California native landscape.





Drought Resources

Save Our Water Brochure (http://www NULL.water NULL.ca NULL.gov/pubs/conservation/save_our_water__brochure_/sow_brochure_web NULL.pdf)

Water Efficient Landscapes (http://www NULL.water NULL.ca NULL.gov/wateruseefficiency/docs/water_efficient_landscapes NULL.pdf)

The Essential Toolkit | Making your Home Landscape Water Efficient (http://www NULL.water NULL.ca NULL.gov/wateruseefficiency/docs/toolkit NULL.pdf)

Water Use Efficiency Ideas for Residential Landscapes (http://www NULL.water NULL.ca NULL.gov/pubs/conservation/residential_landscapes_water_use_efficiency_ideas/landscapes NULL.pdf)

EBMUD Water Conservation Page (https://www NULL.ebmud NULL.com/water-and-wastewater/water-conservation-publications-and-resources) | This link will take you to numerous brochures from EBMUD with information on saving water, watering schedules, home survey kits, drip irrigation guidelines and much more.

Rebates and $$$$$$$$$$$$ (https://www NULL.ebmud NULL.com/water-and-wastewater/water-conservation/residential-services-and-rebates)

As of March 2015, EBMUD continues to offer rebates for water wise gardening, irrigation upgrades, lawn removal and replacement, water wise toilets and other fixtures.   Visit the EBMUD Rebate Page. (https://www NULL.ebmud NULL.com/water-and-wastewater/water-conservation/residential-services-and-rebates)

Drought Information

For the most up to date information, please visit http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/Home/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?CA


PG & E Upgrades on Hansom | Planned Outage 2/11

PG & E at work.


As many of you may have noticed, PGE has been hard at work for many weeks bringing additional 220v service to upper Hansom. They have been pulling new cable to the corner of Hansom and Pinecrest for many weeks now.  In fact, on January 21st, they inadvertently cut through a Comcast cable buried in the street, knocking out service to a large part of Hansom.  That was quite the topic on the Yahoo! group!!  Repair crews were on the scene quickly and both PGE and Comcast worked together to get service restored.

PGE has now sent a notice to upper Hansom residents (by mail!) of a planned electrical outage on February 11th between 8:30-9:30 am and again at 2-2:30 pm to do the final tie-in.  They’ve done a good job of traffic control, as well as noise and dust abatement, during all the trenching and construction. But we are all happy to see the project reaching completion!


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2014 Annual Meeting Summary


Thank you to everyone who came out for the 2014 Sequoyah Hills HOA Annual Meeting.   It was a fantastic get together with neighbors, special guests, updates, plenty of food and phenomenal suggestions.   If you missed the meeting, read on for detailed updates and we hope to see you live in 2015.

2014 Board Summary

The Board reported on 2014 accomplishments and 2015 goals.  As always, the Board is looking for more volunteers for the Board and our Committees.  This meeting saw the resignation of Dale Davis, a long time Director who will be missed by everyone.  Dale, we thank you for your service!

Please read the summary update for more information:  SHHA 2014 Board Summary

Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee plays a huge part in the running of our community, especially with managing and maintaining landscaping, settling neighbor disputes, and reviewing architectural applications.  As always, the Environmental Committee is looking for new volunteers to join the group.

Please read the summary update for more information about the 2014 accomplishments and 2015 goals of the committee:  SHHA 2014 Environmental Committee Summary

Safety Committee

John Nichols, Chair of the Safety Committee, reported that crime is down significantly in the neighborhood year over year.  John suggested that this is due to the strong neighborhood relationships, the use of the Yahoo! group and everyone looking out for each other. The economy is definitely playing a part, but our neighbors are our greatest asset in crime prevention. The monthly safety flier comes from the committee and when the audience was asked who reads it, almost everyone raised their hand.    Although the committee is strong, they are still looking for additional members and people interested in being block captains on every street.

John also reported that in our neighborhood we do have some elderly residents that could perhaps benefit from a wellness check.  If this is something that you, a loved one or neighbor is interested in, please reach out to the safety committee.  They will be looking for volunteers for the checks and interested parties for the service. Contact Information

Please read the summary update for more information about the 2014 accomplishments and 2015 goals of the committee:  SHHA 2014 Safety Committee Summary

Social Committee

The Social Committee has a great year organizing and supporting the Annual Block Party, delivering welcome baskets and taking care of the lunch for the Annual Meeting today.  This group is also looking for additional members who would be willing to help with our existing events and also plan new meetings and events such as a Winter Children’s Activity, Halloween events, local hikes, etc.

Please read the summary update for more information about the 2014 accomplishments and 2015 goals of the committee: SHHA 2014 Social Committee Summary

Special Guest: Fire Chief Teresa Delaoch Reed

Sequoyah Hills is so lucky to have Chief Reed living in our neighborhood.   She gave a presentation on the 2014 fire season (dry, hot, terrible due to the weather and drought) and a lot of information about the Private Property Clearance requirements.

It is absolutely incumbent on every resident to maintain safe vegetation and fire breaks around our home.   Chief Reed reminded everyone about the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm and described the way fires have been acting in California with the available fuel and drought conditions.   The fire break do save homes, firefighters lives and are crucial for safety in the neighborhood.

Although the Wildfire Protection District was not passed by voters this last time, there are still good links to more information about fire prevention and vegetation management on the City of Oakland Website. (http://www2 NULL.oaklandnet NULL.com/Government/o/OFD/s/WildfireDistrict/index NULL.htm)

Special Guest: Robert Clark

Robert Clark is the SHHA representative to the Oak Knoll Coalition.   The Coalition works to ensure that the homeowners associations and residents in the area have a voice in the development that will happen at Oak Knoll.  In short, Mr. Clark reported that the coalition is beginning to meet again and the property resides with Sun Cal once more.   There are in the beginning stages of the new plan for the land and project, but very rough (do not count this as fact!!!) estimates are around 950 mixed use housing units, retail space and a small to mid size grocery is still on the table.  There are no updates on Rifle Creek, open space, traffic issues, the top of the Knoll & Admirals Hill, the Officers Club or any dates for public meetings with Sun Cal. These are all future items.

For more information about the Oak Knoll Coalition, please visit their website. (http://www NULL.oakknollcoalition NULL.org/)   As the Board and others in the community learn more in the coming months (years) we will post what we know.

Slide Show From The Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting Is This Saturday ~ RSVP

The Annual Association Meeting is this Saturday!!!

If you have not already done so, please RSVP, or leave a comment on this post, so that we may have an accurate count for lunch.

Our guest speaker this year is our own Sequoyah Hills resident and Oakland Fire Chief, Theresa Reed.  Members with schedule conflicts, please fill out your Proxy Form included in the recent newsletter, or download the form here:  Annual Meeting Proxy 2014.   Please drop your Proxy off at 8060 Coach or 8020 Surrey.

The event details are:

Saturday, September 20, 2014
8060 Coach

Come hear what your neighborhood association has been up to this year. Reports by all committees and officers will be presented. There will be copies of the budget and bank account financials, as well as a great lunch! Come express your concerns and ask your questions.

Please, if possible, bring an extra chair to share.

It is important that your voice be counted, even if you cannot attend. Proxies may also be brought to the meeting by your designated voter.

Looking forward to seeing you there on Saturday.

The Sequoyah Hills Board of Directors


National Night Out 2014 – Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone in the neighborhood who came out for National Night 2014.   We had three block parties on Coach, Pinecrest and Surrey.  Below are some great photos that were turned in.  A special shout out to Chris Quan on Coach for her video wrap up from the residents on Coach.

Looking forward to even more participation in 2015.   Stay safe out there!!



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